If you would like to promote your product or service, we now offer a range of sponsoring services.


TypeShort DescriptionPrice
ReviewSubmit a review for your product(s) or service(s) with one link (brand name)$59
Guest PostA post with a link (brand name)$29
Guest PostA post with a link (keyword)$59
InsertionInsert a link (brand name) in an existing post$49
InsertionInsert a link (keyword) in an existing post$69
InsertionInsert a product description with a link (brand name) in an existing roundup/list post$69


  • All links are do-follow and stay permanent on our sites.
  • The posts will be shared on our social channels.
  • Extra links for reviews/guest posts: $39 / link (brand name) or $59 / link (keyword).
  • If the payment is not sent within 7 days, your links/posts will be removed.

General Rules

In order to provide high-quality content to our readers, all the posts have to meet the following requirements:

  • The content must be well written, unique, and original (written by you and not copied);
  • The content must have proper headings, images and probably other media that make the text interesting;
  • Must be related to WordPress or website development;
  • Have at least 500 words.

We’ll review the content before publishing. We do not guarantee that your post will be published even when we approved the topic already.

In the event your link is inserted into a kind of keyword, we will strictly review the keywords and may deny some which we had any post related to or if it links to a post which has the same topic.


These rates and rules are applied to all our websites:

We do not offer any discount, but we may allow link exchange.